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A mutual friend recognized the woman in the article as the mother-in-law of Sarah Jones, who coincidentally had also grown up in the Cottonwood subdivision. She tagged Jones in the post, who confirmed that this was her mother-in-law. It was Sarah Jones husband, Cory Jones, whod initiated the call to The Tennessean in 2012 to help his mother find her dress. After the Facebook confirmation, Sarah Jones immediately called her mother-in-law, Weve found your dress! Kim Jones was taken aback. At her first opportunity she viewed the post on Facebook and confirmed that, indeed, her long-lost wedding dress had been found. It all happened so quickly for (McNamara), but Ive been looking for her for four years, Kim Jones said. Just four months ago, Kim Jones and her husband downsized to a different house in Acworth, at which time she considered parting with the dress. I thought maybe I should just get rid of it, she said. But, one of my bridesmaids (whom I talk to almost every day) encouraged me to hang on to it. Shell show up one day, shed said. Indeed she did. Reporters and camera crews from local and national media arrived at McNamara's home Monday morning to capture the moment when McNamara and Jones met for the first time to exchange their dresses.

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